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Pre-Service Checklist
Save Time and Money!

  • Know where units are located
  • Perform troubleshooting tactics
  • Check air filter
  • Have model numbers on hand
  • Have previous service information on hand
  • Know when problems began
  • Make system accessible
  • Make attic and crawlspace accessible
  • Renters must have landlord’s permission
  • If unit is frozen it must thaw before technician arrives, turn it off
  • Be accessable by phone to confirm appointment or get directions
  • Adult must be present
  • Confine pets in another room
  • Clearly explain the problems


Our Certified Technicians can Assist You!

  • AAA Heating & Air is a full service company. We service all brands and models, residential and commercial, including commercial refrigeration. Whether you need service, a new heating and cooling system, or your home is just not comfortable, our technicians can give you the advice and service you need.

    We guarantee our work and promise  to do everything possible to make sure that you are completely satisfied with our service.

    ¨ Air Purification / Filtration

    ¨ Commercial Refrigeration

    ¨ Ductless Ari Conditioning Units

    ¨ Ductwork Modification

    ¨ Financing

    ¨ Home Safety Products

    ¨ Humidifiers / Dehumidifiers

    ¨ Installation

    ¨ Noise Reduction

    ¨ Preventative Maintenance

    ¨ Programmable Thermostats

    ¨ Restaurant Equipment

    ¨ Sales

    ¨ Supplies

    ¨ Surge Protectors

    ¨ Tankless Hot Water Heaters

    ¨ UV Lamps

    ¨ Zone Controls

  • Keeping your system clean and in good working order allows it to run at peak efficiency and prolongs the life of your system. That’s why our Preventative Maintenance Plan includes two 16 point inspections and tune ups per year. We check your system before the heat of summer and before the cold of winter to be sure that your home is comfortable year round. When you purchase our Preventative Maintenance Plan you will receive priority service and discounts on parts and labor.


    • Check Temperature of Air at Condenser
    • Check Temperature of Air at Evaporator
    • Check for Correct Air Flow
    • Check/Adjust/Clean Blower Components
    • Check/Clean Condenser Coil
    • Check/Clean Evaporator Coil
    • Check/Replace Belts
    • Check Starting Contact Assembly
    • Check/Clean Condensate Drain
    • Check Motor Voltage/Amperage
    • Check Electrical Components
    • Check Safety Controls
    • Check Refrigerant Charge
    • Check Air Filters
    • Check Calibration of Thermostat
    • Lubricate Moving Parts as needed



    • Check/Clean/Adjust Blower Components
    • Check Electrical Connections
    • Check for Correct Air Flow
    • Check/Adjust Manifold Gas Pressure
    • Check High Heat Limit Control
    • Check Heat Exchanger
    • Check/Replace Belts
    • Check Fan Control
    • Check for Flue Obstructions
    • Check/Adjust Anticipator Setting
    • Check for Gas Leaks
    • Check Safety Controls
    • Check/Adjust Burner Operation
    • Check Air Filters
    • Check Calibration of Thermostat
    • Lubricate Moving Parts as needed